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                簡體中文 | English
                當前位置: English

                Beijing Number 9 High School

                ——Harmony, Openness, Growth


                Built in 1946, Beijing No. 9 High School is located in the Moshikou Ancient Cultural Zone in Shijingshan District. It is an exemplary high school in Beijing.

                Beijing No.9 High School has some 40 classes, 2,000 students and 186 staff members.

                Covering an area of 57,000 square meters, the school’s grounds are attractive and its facilities are well designed. Every classroom has computers with Internet access, while the laboratories are equipped with high-quality and up-to-date equipment. Teaching and other activities are integrated into the school’s comprehensive information system.

                Beijing No.9 High School has a vision of establishing “a high-quality school that enjoys domestic and international prestige,” and is famous for its special features. Following the philosophy of “democratic consciousness and human value”, the school places heavy emphasis on the development of both students and staff. Specifically, the school hopes to train students to be “modern responsible citizens focusing on health and personality and adept in learning”. The school also abides by the motto “physically tempered to obtain strength of body, mentally tempered to obtain strength of will, caring by nature, and diligent through learning”. Meanwhile, Beijing No. 9 High School also wishes to promote an image of “harmony, openness and growth”. The school has been improving its learning and teaching over a sixty-year period of practice and innovation. In recognition of these efforts, this educational institute has received government awards over consecutive years.

                Over half of the teaching faculty in Beijing No. 9 High School hold a Master’s degree. The teaching staff participate in extensive research and experiments closely associated with teaching. Armed with a solid basis of knowledge and advanced pedagogical concepts, the teaching staff is also highly popular with the students. Catering to the personalized needs of its students, the school curriculum provides compulsory, optional and extra-curricula courses. For the latter, the Golden Sail Dancers, school gymnastics team, track and field team and basketball team often represent Beijing, and even China, in various contests and exchange activities.

                Beijing No.9 High School is qualified to accept foreign students, with an International Department which includes dozens of pupils from foreign countries such as South Korea, France and Germany. The canteens and halls of residence provide these overseas students with good food and accommodation, while a variety of colorful extra-curricula activities are specifically geared to make them feel at home. At the same time, a number of the school’s Chinese students have been sent abroad on exchange student programs.

                The Beijing No.9 High School has received hundreds of foreign visitors as members of numerous delegations, not to mention the overseas travels of its own staff and students. The school has also established practical partnerships on domestic and international fronts, through co-operation with sister-schools and the exchange of academic works.

                Bringing ‘Harmony, Openness and Growth’ to the forefront, Beijing No.9 High School extends a warm welcome to foreign visitors and foreign students.



                Beijing No. 9 High School

                Address: Moshikou Street, Shijingshan District,Beijing,China

                Post Code: 100041

                Web: /

                E-mail: bjjzbgs@126.com

                Tel: 86-10-8873 3396(Fax)/ 8873 6036

                Principal: Lin Leguang


                地址:石景山區模式口大ζ 街16號北京九■中高中部↓,郵編:100041
                電話:010-88736036 email:bjjz@sjsedu.cn 管理登錄